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Real Estate Properties North America

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Real Estate Properties North America takes a long market position on fair priced real estate in the land niche. Our mission is to provide customers quality property, by extracting reliable information, to make ownership more simple and affordable. We work closely with a nation wide team of wholesale investors with properties spanning across North America. Please consider giving us the opportunity to help you find properties in any of the over 3000 counties by contacting us directly or on social media.

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Sold - City of Port Townsend .46 Acres - Puget Sound - Olympic Peninsula
Sold - Wholesale - .39 Acres in the rain forest - Olympic Peninsula - Brinnon
Sold - Wholesale - 21 Minutes to Ruby Beach - Olympic Peninsula - Forks

Sold- Quilence - Puget Sound

Recent trends in both capital wealth and income are driven almost entirely by land/housing.

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